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Jul 31, 2019
Happy New Year y'all!

I have the Fenvi T919 card working with Wi-Fi in my upgraded 2009 5,1 Mac Pro on Hgh Sierra - but no Bluetooth. I would like to connect it internally

I understand that you need to connect the USB cable on the card to the motherboard, where is this and do I need an adapter cable?

Is it best to remove the old Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module?

Much thanks!
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Aug 31, 2010
If you plan to use only recent versions of macOS which support the BCM94360CD, it is best to remove the old WiFi card. I do not know if versions before OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion already have the appropriate drivers.
For Bluetooth, you need to use the Mac Pro's small 4-pin (USB) connector where the old Bluetooth module is currently plugged in via a short cable.
No need to additionally unscrew/remove the old Bluetooth module.
There are existing threads with illustrations of how to connect the two Fenvi's USB data lines to the Mac Pro's internal pins. Depending on the supplied cable, soldering might be required.
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Nov 23, 2003
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I don't like irreversible modifications, so instead of cutting off the usb connector from the T919's supplied cable and soldering the wires to the "Mini Micro 1.25mm T-1 4-Pin JST Connectors with wire", I crimped the wires from the 4-pin JST connectors onto a set of male Dupont connector pins. Plugged the 4-pin JST connector to the port where the old Bluetooth module was, connected the Dupont end to the T919's USB cable, and it's working like a charm. I was thinking about using some shrink tubing around the wires but I was afraid I might accidentally put too much tension onto the ends that were inserted into the Dupont connector and pull them out. If Fenvi just supplied this cable with the T919's, it would make life for us cMP owners much easier.

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