Mac Pro - Advice on Initial Set Up?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by DEXTERITY, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Aug 14, 2004
    If anyone cares to chime in, I would appreciate any guidance. I will be getting a Mac Pro via Apple Care. I'm use to the older G5 model, but I'm not sure if there is anything I should be aware of with the new model.

    I usually partition my system hard drive and store some files in one of the partitions and my programs/os on the other partition. Is it still ok to do this?

    Also, does it defeat the purpose. I take it if the hard drive goes bad it doesn't matter how many partitions I have because I will lose everything anyways?

    I will have a second hard drive. I just dont see myself using all 250gb of the system drive for programs and the OS.

    I will also have two superdrives. I read a thread last night which implied the drives apple ships aren't good? Should I replace it, is it that slow?

    Also, not sure if anyone is familiar with pro tools, but if so would appreciate if I need to be aware of any unusual bugs or whatever. The only thing I've heard is the digi 002 doesn't work on the front firewire bus only the one located on the back of the mac pro. The power mac was the complete opposite.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It is fine to partition the hard drive, but there is no point as far as I know as far as reliability goes. People (such as myself) partition their hard drives just to run multiple OSes.

    If you are concerned about a hard drive failing, then don't worry about not filling up one hard drive. There is nothing wrong with having multiple hard drives just for the sake of backup, though obviously, as many will tell you, if your data is precious, back it up other ways as well, such as DVDs. A second hard drive is still a good form of backup because it's easy to get to, unlike lost DVDs, and it doesn't get scratched. :)
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    Aug 14, 2004
    thanks for clarifying. yeah, now i'm a back up freak. I assume dual layered dvds are ok to use these days?

    can the mac pros really run windows without any issues? I ask because I would love to use Acid Pro for a few things, but not quite sure how it all ends up working. for instance, if I'm in windows mode how does my audio come out of the computer if I have a digi 002 I normally use? thanks

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