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    Hello Mac nation!!! Why it has taken me over 10 years to finally join a Mac forum is beyond me... Let me start by saying I touched my first mac.. g3... in roughly 2003 as a member of a graphic design team and I have been hooked ever since... I bought a G4 and that finally became a burden... then without proper research... purchased a PPC based G5 last year... I got a great deal on it and it came loaded with just about everything you could want for 175 bucks... everything but an intel processor which I only thought were available on the macbooks and current "trash can" pro... I had no idea that the G5 tower design became the intel pro as well. So now I am looking around on ebay and whatever for an intel based "mac pro"... most obviously because my G5... while still pretty fast for web browsing... does only that... browse... as you all know I have no flash... which is a major buzz kill in today's society.. So I have begun searching for tower versions of the intel based mac pro... so what I ask of all of you is... is there a certain year I should be looking for? certain processor type? OS version? I don't need the Gus Gorman Superman computer... but I would like to be able to have flash... and not have to use old crappy browsers such as Aurora or Ten Fox Five or whatever it is... and most importantly... how much should I be paying for said mac pro?
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