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    I've just purchased a new Mac Pro. However, I've got an existing (2008) MacBook, that I've been using up till now as my "main machine".

    At this point, I'm wondering.....

    - Do I need to create a new Apple ID for my Mac Pro?
    - Can I use the same Apple ID on both my MP and MB?
    - If I bought a bunch of apps on my MacBook, can I avoid having to re-purchase them on my Mac Pro?

    I suppose I could do a Time Machine of my MacBook (Lion) account, load it up on Mac Pro (via Migration), and then re-download all my Mac App Store apps by using my MacBook's Apple ID. Honestly, I wish I could avoid this and do a clean Mavericks install on my Mac Pro.

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    You use the same ID on both Mac's...Just type in your Apple ID and password, and activate home sharing IF you wish to use it.

    If you are selling the old Mac, remember to de-uthorise it in iTunes prior to sale.
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