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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by The.Mac, May 9, 2014.

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    Hey, everyone.

    I recently purchased a completely re-done 2008 Mac Pro. I don't know if this is considered to be a Boot Camp or not, but it does have Mavericks, Windows 7, and 3 other OS X OS's prior to Mavericks. Here are some concerns I have and would love your feedback/advice on these questions:

    1) There is a Mavericks update waiting, as well as 2 others from the App Store. In the past, I had a jailbroken iPhone, and when I did an update, I lost everything on there. Lesson learned, but I don't know if doing any of these updates, especially the Mavericks one, would undo what's been done, software-wise, with this Mac Pro 2008.

    2) Along the lines of the above question, I just tried to install Senuti (I have it on my Mac Mini 2011), and I got a message that eluded to that Mavericks update being needed. (Sorry, but I didn't capture a screenshot.) Any idea what this is about? I paid about $16 for Senuti unlimited about 1 year ago, so I'm not sure how to proceed.

    3) There is software that I've put on my Mac Pro that have a white "no" symbol (circle with line through it) over the icons. What does this mean? One of these icons is listed in the list of downloads.

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    I looked at Senuti once more and was able to install it. Not sure why it worked this time. I was able to use my last purchase to use it on this Mac Pro 2008. Still curious about "No" symbols over icons and the updates.

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    The Mavericks update should not affect your installed software or non-system files. But in general, you would be wise to create a backup of your boot drive prior to updating, just in case.

    Not sure what you mean by a "Boot Camp", because that normally refers to a way to install and boot into Windows on a Mac. I haven't done it for some time because I use Parallels software, which allows me to have both Windows and OSX running at the same time. Are you asking if you have a Boot Camp partition?

    The other questions, I would only guess that either some important files are missing or incompatible with your system software, which is why you see the "No" icons.

    I'm no expert on any of this, just offering my two cents for free.
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    I assume your speaking of something that looks like the attached? That means that whatever it is is not compatible with the OS. It was compatible with an earlier OS.


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    Get a second HDD and set it up with Time Machine. For the record, I've yet to have any system updates hose my computer in my 14 years with OS X. However, I have had some issues (mostly in the 10.1.x and 10.2.x days) after updates that have required some steps to remedy, usually involving permissions, plists or kexts. I can't recall from 10.3-current any issues from any issues that were unexpected, especially from double point releases.

    As mentioned, these are applications incompatible with your current OS. Usually this are wildly out of date apps, either PPC or otherwise, relying on Carbon or other frameworks.
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    Yes. Thanks.

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