Mac Pro & DELL P2715Q ?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Washac, Sep 15, 2017.

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    As a few will know I recently purchased a DELL P2715Q monitor for my early to Mid 2009 Mac Pro running a NIVIDIA GeForce GTX680 which is EFI flashed.

    I run this via the GTX680 DP port to the MDP on the monitor, no problems at all except that I no longer get the Grey apple logo boot screen, any reason why this should be ?

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    Only MVC flashed Maxwell / Pascal card can shows 4k 60Hz boot screen.

    If you downgrade your monitor to 4k 30Hz, I think it can show the boot screen. But not 100% sure.

    From memory, I can get 4k boot screen via HDMI (1.4a) on on my 4k TV with the 7950 Mac Edition card, and that's a well known card that will hang if boot with a 4k 60Hz monitor connected.
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    The thread starter can edit the title - look for a gear or tool icon near the top right of the post.
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    Thanks for that pointer :)

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