Mac Pro (Early 2008) running GeForce 460 or 560?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Aeroplace, Apr 14, 2011.

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    I am thinking about getting a new GPU for my Mac Pro (Early 2008).

    I run Windows 7 64bit all the time.

    I plan to take out the old 8800GT and keep it safe until needed.

    I am thinking about getting either a Gigabyte 460 SOC or a Gigabyte 560 Ti SOC.

    It has to be Nvidia and these seem like great value for money.

    I have brought a spare Mac PCI-Express power cable and now have a total of two.

    The reviews at Guru3d suggests that the max power needed is about 350 watts for both the 460 and the 560 - or am I reading it incorrectly?!

    I think I read somewhere that the Mac Pro (Early 2008) would output a total of 300 watt PCI power.


    • Has anyone successfully installed same or similar setup?

    • Will my Mac Pro be able to handle the power requirements using two PCI-Express cables or do I need to rewire power directly from the PSU to the GPU?

    • If the latter is the case what do I need and how do I do it?

    Suggestions to better value/performance Nvidia GPU's are welcome - btw. I hate noise. ;)

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    As long as you are running Windows, you can pretty much run any card you wish to.

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