mac pro ebay socket b empy safe ?


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May 24, 2009
Hi all , i would buy an mac pro for my brother , do you think this is a safe 1 ? price and what about the socket b empty can i be relaxed on it ?? wait the new mac pro or buy this one?
This might be a very good mac, but the second socket might be damaged so I would be very careful with this.

Last time I bought a Mac Pro 2006 without CPU's, because the seller told me he needed them for a different computer and you know what ? Computer got damaged logic board, missing screws, graphics card was flying inside tha case !!! so it tought me a lot of effort and money to fix it by replacing almost all components inside :/

El Awesome

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Jul 21, 2012
If possible, you pick it up yourself and check if the machine works properly before you give the money to the seller.

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