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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by MSM Hobbes, Mar 2, 2010.

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    I've a ~2.5 yo white 24" iMac and a ~2.5 yo white MB. Between woman, two boys, and I, we do much surfing, school work [MS, HS, and college prep], work stuff [MS PPT, Excel, MiniTab, Word, etc.], music playing & editing, and video & RAW photo processing / editing, along with some game playing - both on-line and local. Absolutely love the iMac, and am now [after the yellow tinting and grey bars are decreasing / gone] looking at the 27".

    But, had the thought too of going to the MP, due to its expandability and so much more extra power, mainly for long-term use... yet, the cost of a upper 4-core + a quality monitor is ~2.5-3x the 27" top line iMac. One reason why looking at MP is that, for example, when editing / processing RAW photos on the iMac [all images (80k some) are stored on a Buffalo external HD via FW], at times processing is quite buggery... using iPhoto and/or PS Elements. Have SL, latest most recent updates to all components.

    So, w/ that background, the best bang for the buck, considering long-term life, given what we use these computers for, best recommendation?

    Lastly, what w/ USB 3.0 supposedly being released sometime this year, any thoughts on it, when it could be included in iMac and/or Mac Pro? Don't like the thought of getting computer now, and 3 months later or so this semi-important upgrade is out...


    PS: take also into account MP is due for upgrade and new release, and the iMac is in mid-cycle.
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    The only thing I can say is that I really happy with my quad core iMac.

    I would love USB 3.0 but I don't really see that happening real soon.

    Possibly in the pro line, but really its hard to say.

    I could have afforded a Mac Pro but it was pretty hard to justify the extra cost

    given the performance difference, at least for myself.
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    Not much difference between the i7 iMac and quad-core Mac Pro, especially given the prices.

    USB 3.0 is doubtful until Intel provides it in their chipsets next year.
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    You could increase your editing & processing time by switching to an application better designed to handle photos, like Lightroom or Aperture.

    Seems like a $200 no brainer to me.

    A new i5 or i7 with 8 gigs of ram (that you add yourself for $100) should blow circles around your 24" iMac doing those tasks.

    I just dont see the MP benefiting you right away.
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    Thanks all for replies... confirming what brain was saying, but not the heart - that greedy thing! ;)

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