Mac Pro Laptop style setup - can it be done?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by lowercaseperson, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. lowercaseperson macrumors 6502

    Oct 5, 2006
    Hi all,

    My wife uses Photoshop for her job, from home, every day. She is currently using a dying 07 MBP 15". I graduate in May and am considering the options for her new computer once we make a little money, and I had an idea. I sure a new rMBP would be plenty for what she needs, but I wanted to see what the response to this question would bring.

    She never really leaves the house so the computer could remain plugged in all the time. Is there a way to get the power of a Mac Pro into a relatively "laptopesque" form? Say have a Mac Pro plugged in and run a thunderbolt cable to a monitor/keyboard/trackpad combo you can sit in your lap? Do any of you have a similar setup, or does everyone work from a desk?
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    May 3, 2009
    rMBP is probably your best bet, unless you want the the Mac Pro and use wireless mice and keyboards but you still obviously have to be at your desk where the monitor exists.

    If I understand your question, you're looking for the power of the Mac Pro but in the form factor of a laptop. For Macs, I don't think you really have any options other then the rMBP - which is a very capable machine.
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    If you really need the Mac Pro's power and use those power on a laptop. You may remote control your Mac Pro via a laptop (MBA already good enough) inside your house.
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    You said you graduate in May and want to buy something new when you start making more money. You may consider upgrading before you graduate and can still take advantage of the student discounts that Apple offers. Good luck!
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    Interesting idea...have you tried this? Would you just use screen sharing? Because in my experience this is a lot of lag with screen sharing. Kind of a neat idea though.

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