Mac Pro Menu Bar 'breaks' after extended Screen Saver

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Trekkie, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Nov 13, 2002
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    I'm loathe to blame something on 'an update' but post 10.5.3 I've started experiencing something odd on my mac pro Quad 2.66GHz.

    Basically, I never shut my computer off. It's never been a problem. It's just the way I roll. However I do keep the screen saver on and let the monitor turn off.

    My screen saver is the photo collage thing that picks from a specific aperture library. It works fine.

    However, within the last few weeks in the morning when I hit my computer and it wakes from a screen saver the menu bar is goofy.

    Not the whole thing either, just the right side. And by 'goofy' I mean it's like it's lost connection to the computer itself.

    The Airport icon says Airport is Off, yet my network is fine and working great. If I turn it 'on' it turns it on, nothing changes, if I turn it 'off', nothing changes.

    My BlueTooth menu changes to what must be the variable names underneath it. like kBatteryLife, kDevice etc., my time capsule icon loose it's circle, but the clock hands are there. etc.

    Everything is still working, just the menu bar broke.

    Reboot, everythings fine, until there is an extended time at the screen saver. (yes, I have sat at my computer for almost 15 hours some days) but only when the screen saver runs over night does this seem to happen.

    If it's only for a few hours, doesn't seem to do it. Every time a reboot fixes it.

    Any ideas ? not in the mood to 'reinstall everything' but would like to see if I'm a special snowflake or this is happening elsewhere.

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