MP 7,1 Mac Pro multi gpus configuration


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Feb 15, 2020
Hi All,
I have alredy read some discussions about the possibility to install multiple gpus inside the Mac Pro.
I'd like to use the Radeon Pro 580X on MacOS + 2 RTX 2080Ti (Bootcamp).
I want to create an hybrid workstation for both operating systems. I use both os, on Windows I use CUDA apps.

I also want to plug more gpus through the thunderbolt 3 connections for a total of 4 RTX 2080Ti, two internal, two external.

The questions are:
#01 Do all the thunderbolt 3 ports work on Windows 10? I mean 2 on the case top + 2 on the back.

#02 Does the Max Pro power supply is enough to power one 580X and two RTX2080Ti ?

#03 What about internal cooling? Is it enough for 3 gpus? What about 5?

#04 Is it possible to plug an external power supply for another 2 internal gpus?

I attached a picture showing the configuration I'd like to create.

There are many multi gpus bare bones on the market, Asus, Tyan, Super Micro but I'd like to build a modular and silent configuration.
Also I don't want an hackintosh or two workstations.

I have added a second configuration with a Vega II using the two embedded thunderbolt 3 ports. In this case I have 4 external gpus at full bandwidth 4X and 2 internal at 16X.

Do you think is it possible to create this Mac Pro hybrid configuration?

Best regards


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Dec 14, 2016
PSU will not be an issue. It’s a 1200-watt PSU.

Cooling also should be ok.

7,1 provides four 8-pin and one 6-pin PCIe power connectors. That should be enough to not require an external power supply.


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Sep 27, 2018
_amazing ~ Its mid _february 2020 and still no Pro Vega available as a stand alone purchase.

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I seriously doubt they will ever put those Vega MPX modules up to sale, but it's Apple the old tech lover after all so we'll never know. AMD will soon announce big Navi cards and make those Radeon VII cards look slow and power wasting. Secondly, they can barely keep up with their MP orders during the outbreak, I don't think they have extra modules for sale at this time.