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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ron45, May 29, 2016.

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    Hello you lovers of big heavy boxes. I have not regretted getting a refurb from macs4u

    The only mouse I have come to like is not a mac product. They price their mice.... nice ring there.... as tho I had a Bentley Continental in the garage. I don't even have a garage!! Sooooo, Logitec mice work sporadically w/my mac. None of the mac mice that I've used feel right in my hand. A little like a silver dollar with a nano button in the middle. I have the lodgitec 510 icon in the system prefs folder and it sort of interacts a little when I try to set things up.

    But I'd like to know if any of you are using a [not mac ewwww] ergonomic mouse that works well for you. But could we keep it under 50 bux if possible. I'm saving up for That Bentley. Maroon of course.

    Thanks for your time and thank you all for being here. I'm sorry I meant to type cumquat! in the subject box I don't know what came over me!

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    I'm still using a mouse like this, the old Turbo Mouse by Kensington. Not sure what you will find for under $50 but it may be worth a larger budget not to get a cramped hand. Not having a wider budget may back you into a corner and this wound indeed be a mouse trap!
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    Aaah the good old Kensington trackballs, with balls you could really get a handle on.
    BTW, how did that model do scrolling? I ask because mine has a scroll ring thingy.

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    I use a Logitech G600 alongside a Magic Trackpad with my 2010 cMP. I use the trackpad while I'm browsing the internet, but I pull out the mouse when doing anything that requires any real precision. It's a wonderful mouse with a great feel to it; I picked it up at Best Buy for around $50. Plus, if you do any gaming, the keypad on the side is great for them.

    Here it is on Amazon for $45.
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    i own 3 performance MX mice by logitech. can't beat em. however, they're discontinued and replaced with the MX Master. my first one i bought new and the other two used for $45 and $35 more recently. they fit my larger hands great and i really like the programability.

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