Mac Pro Ram doesnt Recognize! help? (Transcend Memory)


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May 27, 2007
So i bought a pair of 2gb memory off newegg.
the memory is manufactured by Transcend.

Anyways i have a total of 4 gb (2 gb sticks)
and i installed it and now the mac pro dosnt recognize it.
i go About my Mac, and it still shows the STOCK 2gb memory.

i go into system profiler under memory and it shows the banks where i inserted my new ram sticks as empty.

i wanna know why?

when i bought it from new egg (and on the box) it says it is compadible with my Mac Pro, but it dosnt recognize it. I tried putting the ram into different slots but that dosnt help. when i take out the Transcend memory sticks they are somewhat warm as if it was being used or something.

my question is why dosnt eaither stick work? i figure maybe 1 could just be a dud, and sureley the other stick would work... but neither work.

what should i do? maybe i did something wrong? the sticks are firmly in the ram slot, and the sides are holding the ram in place... any suggestions? ideas?

mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
Have you tried the stock RAM in the slots you've been trying the new RAM? I'm pretty sure Newegg will be good about you sending the RAM back to them for a replacement.
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