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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by enVisionGTR, Dec 14, 2008.

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    Nov 13, 2007
    I recently installed 2 X 4 GB to my existing 2X2, 2x2, 1X1 for a total of 18 GB. All of the ram is recognized but I noticed when testing it with Rember, a high pitched screeching noise came out to the point where I thought something would break. Anyone ever have this happen to them? Should I be worried about possible ram or riser failure?

    The test passed and said all 18 GB were fine:

    Test Results

    All tests passed!

    Total built-in memory: 18 GB

    This is the total amount of physical memory that the computer has installed. If this figure is not showing the correct amount of memory there may be a problem with one or more installed DIMMS.

    Available memory: 17090 MB

    Available memory is the amount of physical memory that is currently not in use by any other processes. All available memory will be used for testing when the "All" option is selected. To increase the amount of available memory, you can restart your computer before testing. If you are familiar with the command line (CLI), you can run memtest (the core of Rember) in single-user mode. See Rember help, or for more information.

    Requested amount: All MB

    The total amount of memory requested for testing by the Rember application. Not all requested memory can be allocated for testing. See information on "Available memory" for more information.

    Memory allocated for testing: 16612 MB

    This is the total amount of memory that memtest was able to allocate for testing. See "Available memory" section for more information.


    Loops selected: 1

    Total loops selected by user for testing. All loops should complete when testing is successful. Test failure when the "Continue on Error" preference is selected will cancel tests before this number of loops has been completed. Users can also cancel testing before this number is reached.

    Loops completed: 1

    Total loops completed by memtest. Note that the Rember is not always able to identify how many loops ran. If there are discrepancies between this and the loops selected, the log should be examined to determine exactly how many loops were performed.

    Total execution time: 13853 seconds

    This is the total amount of time that it took to execute the selected tests. Execution time may vary from system to system, and is provided as a guide for determining how long users can expect tests to run based on the amount of memory installed on the system.

    Testing start time: 2008-12-13 23:50:30 -0600

    Testing end time: 2008-12-14 03:41:27 -0600

    The noise never happened before I added the 2 X 4. Thanks.

    2X1 - stock
    4X2 - Transcend
    2X4 - OWC



    Here's a recording of it:

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    Silly thing to ask, maybe, but do they all have the Apple heatsinks?
  3. enVisionGTR thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 13, 2007
    Yes they do. The ones that are making the high pitched noise are the ones from OWC.

    I recently tested the 4 transcend 2GB sticks and they faintly make the screech but it's almost inaudible. It's very noticeable with the OWC 4GB pair.

    I first noticed it when playing youtube videos. It would only make the noise whenever a video was playing but would stop when finished or paused. I then tested all of my ram with Rember and it would make an awful screeching as if a cd was getting scratched. I know it's not one of the hard drives because it would only happen when the OWC ram was in there.

    Thanks again.

    I forgot to add that this is an early 2008 Mac Pro if that makes any difference.
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    May 15, 2006
    Never heard of RAM doing this.
    Yes, send them back.
  5. enVisionGTR thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 13, 2007
    I'm definitely going to give OWC a call about it. Anyone else have any input or experience with this problem? Thanks.

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