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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by macro, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Still getting used to the Mac. I have some stuff in the trash which I did not place there. One is a CS3 doc, adobe bridge and one is opera. I am just starting Adobe Bridge CS3 and had no idea opera was even on the Leopard disc. I had an error the last couple evenings and I don't know if this is particular to that error or if I should just dump the trash. Not sure how this OS works in this regard, as to system trash dumps.

    I did not pick up on the # of the error in adobe bridge, sorry. If this is not a good thing to be in the trash, how can I restore it or does it need be restored?
    Or, should I just dump it as this is the way Mac trash works. These are listed as "recovered files".

    Just figuring my way through and asking questions.
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    If it's in the trash and you didn't put it there, 99.9% chance it's just being left around as a courtesy by some installer.

    I assume that Adobe Bridge was being updated by Adobe's CS3 auto updater (which really sucks in my experience so far--disappointingly unstable), which put the old copy in the trash instead of deleting it outright. Apple's updaters, to give an alternate example, just overwrite or delete the replaced files.

    Not sure why there'd be a copy of Opera in the trash, but CS3 (and specifically Bridge) includes a full copy of Opera for viewing help files or something (why, I don't know). So, it's probably from the same install/upgrade/error or whatever--probably an old version that was replaced.

    Again, should be perfectly safe to empty the trash. You'll also sometimes see folders called something like "Recovered files" in the trash (usually after restarting), but these are just temp files that the application didn't clean up properly (most often after a crash). I've never seen one that contained anything useful, so again I'd say delete without worry unless something crashed or disappeared that you're specifically looking for.
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    GREAT help again. thank you. I will dump it or should I put it all on a cd to sell on ebay? Just kidding...kidding....kidding....echo.

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