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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by resale, Feb 14, 2015.

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    I recently came into the possession of a 2009 2.26 8-Core Mac Pro. I've put in a GTX 680 I flashed myself, as well as multiple SSD's and HDD's, 12gb of ram and a blu ray burner. Since then, I got offered a really good price on a stock 2013 Mac Pro 6-core. Who doesn't like new things, so I said yes. Now I want to sell the 2009 to make up some of the cost, and I wanted to know if I could get more money back parting it out or just selling it as the complete package. I was planning to sell it on eBay, so any advise on what to do will be appreciated.
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    This is just my personal opinion, others might feel differently.

    I would sell some of the upgrades individually, put the old parts back in the cMP and sell that as a system. I believe you'll get more money that way and sell quicker too.
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    I'm not saying CRJackson is wrong - he might be right on the money. However, a couple of thoughts...

    Is it worth an extra few bucks to have to deal with selling all those pieces individually? The whole ebay/craigslist thing is a PITA for me - for some people, it's no biggie. If it's no biggie to you, and you want to squeeze every last dollar out of it, then it probably makes sense to sell individually.

    You might do a mix - for instance the GPU might be significant enough to sell on its own, while a 4 year old 80GB SSD is worth, like, $20 on its own, but it might be the kind of item that sweetens the pot for the MP's sale.

    When I sold my quad-core 2010 MP about a year ago (to help pay for my nMP), I included a bunch of old hard drives and an 80GB SSD, the 12GB RAM upgrade I had installed, and I got top dollar for it - it made it stand out.
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    Another consideration is use nice photos of your machine in your sale ad. Just observe Amazon on how sellers post their photos as most of them are using vivid and clear photos of varied angles. Try selling first as a packaged unit so the potential buyer will know he is buying an upgraded machine at a reasonable price. You'll have to consider there will be other 2009 Mac Pros for sale at varied prices too and you would want to make your ad stand out as much as possible. If you have the original box, mentioned it in your ad as some pontential buyers would want the original box for safer shipping which may be an important factor. On the average, if I am not mistaken, the 2.26ghz 8 core sells for around $900 to 1000. Another option is for the time being, keep your 2009 Mac Pro as backup to your new Mac Pro but this option is up to you. I keep an extra unit, extra GPUs, HDs and rams to avoid any downtime with my workflow.

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