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Oct 5, 2002
Greenville, SC
I have a Mac Pro and need to get on a wireless network. Of course I don't have the airport card because I didn't want to wait for the BTO and never thought I'd need wireless for the desktop. Anyone know what will work aside from airport or where to get airport (apple store doesn't list anything for the mac pro).



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Jun 20, 2007
You can either buy a legit Mac Pro Airport Card of Ebay or from a Brick and Mortar Apple Store, only problem is that they will insist that they have to install it.

Stores vary as to whether or not they will charge for this service.

Otherwise almost all wireless USB Dongles will work with Mac OS X.



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Feb 1, 2002
Will they? I thought I read that very few actually worked.

That's my impression as well. USB devices require drivers. Some manufacturers have them, some don't. That's why I liked the ethernet based adaptor I used for a long time. no drivers required, so it will work with any OS and any computer. Down side is they require a power outlet (except one made by macsense that uses USB for power, but ethernet for the networking)


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Sep 15, 2006
New York City, NY
I have a spare Mac Pro 802.11b/g/n network card. I used it in my first gen MacBook for a few months. When I sold my MacBook, I put back the original 802.11b/g card and took out the Mac Pro card. If you're interested, I'm looking to sell it. I still have the original box and CD that it came with, too.


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Jun 4, 2006
"I wanted to boost a weak signal from my Airport Extreme signal to my MacPro. QuickerTek advertises and sells booster antennas for both, which they promise a significant improvement in performance. I purchased directly from Quickertek, on the internet, antennas for both the MacPro and Airport.

After installing the antenna in the MacPro I experienced poorer performance than the original Apple WiFi card. I called them to reviewed the problem, for which they had no answer to solve the problem. I then requested a refund and return authorization since the product did not work. They said just to return the antennas. I returned both for what I thought would be a refund.

I just received a letter for credit which can only buy other products they make, in which they state they will not refund the money that I have paid. It is not clearly noted anywhere on their web site that they do not refund, it is only on the back of the receipt for payment they send, after you have made a purchase. It states they will only give you a credit to purchase other of their products and that even has to be used within 30 days, or they keep your money. Since I have no need for any of their other products, I obviously have just been taken by QuickerTek for hundreds of dollars.

They advertise their products are guaranteed. The only thing your guaranteed from QuickerTek is they will not give you your money back when their product fails to perform. This is a fraudulent and dishonest practice, and the same as stealing.

I cannot recommend anyone doing business with QuickerTek or the quality of their products."


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Oct 11, 2008
Redmond, WA
Airport Extreme Card in Mac Pro

I had one installed in mine, $43 plus tax installed, he did it while I stood there at the Genius Bar, took all of 10 minutes. Of course they did accidentally disconnect my bluetooth so I had to drag thie beast up there twice, but it's pretty painless and cheap, I wouldn't bother with aftermarket.
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