mac pro with server or without?


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Feb 27, 2006
hello, I'm about to get a mac pro right after they release the new ones. I do a lot of video work in final cut but i also do a lot of server stuff. I have managed to do just about everything server can do in the regular tiger. Is it worth having OS X server? Are there generally more bugs in the server versions? is there anything server doesn't have that the regular OS does? (I dont think so, but maybe frontrow or photobooth?) another thing i was wondering about is now you can go on the apple store online and with the education discount, you can get tiger server 10 client for only 250. Do you think this will change once they update the store to leopard? (right now on the store's product page it says it comes with tiger but then somewhere else there is an image that says all new macs ship with leopard, but when you scroll down when you configure the mac pro, it says Mac OS X Tiger server. I'm wondering if when they update the site they'll change the price??)

anyway, can't wait for the new mac pros


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Nov 8, 2006
I hav the server version here. its basically the same as the client with a few bolt ons, like a podcast producer and quicktime streaming.

Im having a few problems getting it set up to work as I would like, such as being able to define a user on the server then logging on from a client without having to define the user on the client as well, but I expect thats more a problem of me not setting it up correctly.

Still learning.
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