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Aug 27, 2010
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Kind of like a scavenger hunt. I'll post a thing or idea and you go take a photo of it. The person who takes a photo of said thing and posts it will then offer up another thing for the photographer people to go shoot and post. This will go on indefinitely until the Milky Way collides with the Andromeda Galaxy. At which point, the uncertain future of the human race will be the deciding factor. If we're cruising around on interstellar space ships and enjoying life, feel free to utilize the cruicible to post new challenges.

1.Photos in this thread must be taken after the challenge item is posted. If it is found via EXIF or whatever that this rule is broken, you shall be banned from participating until the collective MR's memory forgets about said infraction.

2. You must take the photo. None of this, "I'll just grab something off of Google Search" BS.

3. Illegal challenge is illegal. Use discretion. Asking someone to take a photo or a cop is not illegal but could get someone in trouble if the cop does not know the laws and feels like infringing on the photographer's rights to photograph people in public. That's a vild challenge and it's up to the participants to decide if they want to participate in this challenge or not. Posting a challenge such as, "Take a photo of yourself shooting up heroin while trespassing on a play ground and shaking your gentalia at young children" is clearly illegal. Don't ever try it.

4. Challenge expires after 24 hours. If you're going to be a miscreant and post something so obscure like "A piece of Honest Abe's brain bucket", we only have to endure those shenanigans for 24 hours. After that, the next poster to post a challenge gets the goat head.

5. Be creative. Posting "Blue" as a challenge isn't fun. I can take a picture with my eyes closed and probably have a photo with something blue in it. "A blue car at a McDonald's drive through" is more creative an ultimately more fun. It's OK if you make people have to stand up and go outside to complete a challenge. Also, try not to post regional challenges. "A photo of the Paw Paw high school" will have people wondering WTF a "Paw Paw" is and the English blokes may even think we're talking about their mothers.

OK, I'll revise if anything is necessary but otherwise, have fun.

Challenge 1: Purple mooses are cool and all, so post up a photo of a person in business wear chowing down for lunch.


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Jan 15, 2006
*Sigh* Too hard?

A blue screen of death.
The problem for me is that I don't often carry my camera around with me. Therefore I am unlucky to see a lunch worker as I am probably working myself or too busy trying to chomp down my own lunch.

I tend to take photo's sporadically when I am hanging out with my friends.

Something like this might go down better in the community forums where you might find more casual photographers to this one which sort of focuses on equipment, critiquing and improving techniques
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