Mac Screen of Death/You Need to Restart Error Issue


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Jan 16, 2012
Hey everyone,

Poked around the forum but could not find a relevant response. Hopefully someone can give me a hand as my girlfriends Mac looks light it might have just bit the dust.

She is getting the "You need to restart your computer error" outlined here:

However along with that error and when she reboots the screen suddenly looks all weird as in this picture:

Tried to reboot in safe mode, no luck as i get to the gears loading screen but then it loops back to that error. But any ideas regarding the screen or has anyone seen that before?

She has a 2008 Mac Book Pro on Mac OSX. She was just doing some random graphic design work when the error and screen wonked out. Does not suspect any physical damage (maybe a cable loose inside)?

Appreciate your time and thanks for helping out!
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Sep 19, 2011
Ohio, United States
any idea what the estimated cost to repair is or worth just getting a new one at this stage?
Not the slightest. Depends on what the actual issue is. From my experience usually when you have a screen which looks like yours it's a video problem. Could be that a cable is loose, could be that the logic board is screwed. Probably going to be pretty expensive either way. Did you get AppleCare or a Best Buy warranty or anything? If not, the only thing you can do I think is to take it into the Apple store and see if they can at least tell you what's wrong with it.
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