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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by kompukraft, May 2, 2009.

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    Oky, make fun of me if it makes you feel good. I've already been referred toas McGyver so I don't care, the Stargate is mine anyway.

    My Macintosh SE boots to an abreviated OS 6.0. I have a set of OS 6.0 but it will not boot to the 3.5" drive. Am I doing something wronG The drive is a 2MB from a classic but I have other drives if that seems the problem. However the error message is at boor with an image of a disk with an 'X'. What's up Can anyone help me? I like this machine and want to add it to my collection but beause I can't put a complete OS 6 on it I realy find the machine tobe quite useless.

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    I'm not about to mock you. You might want to pose your question to the collectors, who would probably have more knowledge of your system.
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    Jul 30, 2006
    The SE shipped with an 800k floppy (2, depending on configuration). I don't know if it supports a 1.4mb floppy. If not, that could be part of the problem. Is this a model that has the internal HD? When the SE came out, hd wasn't available. By the time they stopped making it, you could get a 40mb internal drive.

    It also should support 25 pin SCSI off the back. Might be a route to go. Find an old scsi case and install to that. If you have other legacy macs, you could format the drive on another puter, than switch it to the SE.

    Best of luck. Let me know if you want a 512k with the signatures in the case to add to your collection... :D

    (btw-dump that SE for an SE30...)

    don't know if you have this info or not.

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