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    Not sure where this should be posted, please move if its in the wrong place.

    I have been given a mac se and some bits. Inside is just the screen, no psu, no logicboard, no hard disks etc. I do have a mac se analog board which I think should be with it but not sure. The previous owner thinks its the same machine.

    I have a crazy idea to stick something else inside for messing around and to use for advertising in our computer shop (like an old mac mini I have here, not being used). I guess making the screen a dumb crt monitor in its own right.

    I thought I would be able to simply wire up a VGA connector to the board attached to the tube - it has 6 cables which I assume links to the rgbhv and a ground and then sort something out for power.

    Is this the right idea or is this exactly what these cables are? I have spent rather a lot of time trying to find out if this is even possible or completely stupid. I am really trying to find a pinout or tech drawing to see exaclty whats what.

    Finally caved and logged in here - hope someone may have the answer or suggestions.

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    I moved this to Apple Collectors simply because that's where most of the people who have any idea how to wire up an SE are likely to read. :) I've seen hacks like this recently, but most of them involved using the case and ditching the CRT for an LCD (which leaves actually rather a lot of room inside the case!). Good luck.
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    In a word, NO! Don't attempt that! You'll probably destroy the MacMini's Video out! :eek:

    The old SE CRT is NOT an RGB display. It's monochrome (black and white).

    As suggested, your best bet would be a 9" LCD display with SVGA or DVI input. The only drawback is that the LCD is flat, but the cut-out for the original CRT is curved slightly. You might be able to flatten the inside of the display bezel or fill the gap with some kind of plastic.
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