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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Nunchuckington, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Apr 6, 2008
    Hey hey hey,

    About a month ago I salvaged an old Mac SE ( 2 x 800k) off the side of the road. I flogged an ADB keyboard off someone interstate, and backed up some System 6 disks from my mate - BUT - I've run into another obstacle!

    My mate doesn't have the Utilities 1 disk for System 6.0.7 >.o , so at the moment I'm running my SE off a half-installed OS.

    I have no way of getting software on and off the Mac either... herein begins the discovery of the true intentions of this post:

    Is there anybody out there who can send me a complete copy of System 6 and a copy of a terminal program I can use to transfer files to and from my PC?

    Since I'm from Perth Western Australia, any offers from within the country would be most graciously appreciated in light of the princely cost of postage these days XD
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    Dec 31, 2004
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    Apr 6, 2008
    But how does one transfer all that stuff from a PC to a double density HFS floppy?
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    Dec 19, 2004
    You might find some info at System 6 Heaven for transferring files to System 6 from your Windows box.

    Anyways it has bee a while since I have done this but try this out.
    Use Basilisk II step 1 for download link to run System 7 or 6 on your PC.
    Here are some good instructions on getting it started is System 7.5.3. Then just copy make the floppy disks of System 6.0.8 with you PC's floppy, as I recall 1.44mb floppy drives could use 800KB floppies. I can not post specific links for Roms though they are so old the mods may not care since you are just using them to get an SE working, but I would look for Quadra 650 roms.

    *Note to mods please just strike this last point about the Roms if it is unacceptable. Everything else is useful info to get that SE running well.

    Some tips follow the instructions carefully. Do not mount your pc hard drive in the disk tab but rather through the My Computer tab. If all goes well you will have a 68K Mac on your PC. Which you can then use to copy over System 6 for your Macintosh SE.

    Here is a site that has System 1.97 and other pre System 6 OSes.
    Other old Mac Resources
    Applecare Support Older Software
    Greg's Shareware
    Internet on System 6
    Junkyard Jeff
    LEM Swap
    System 1.0
    Macintosh Garden
    Old Apple Downloads
    System 7 Today
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    I have a set of System 7.1 disks, if that means anything...but I am keen on holding onto them for any oldermac needs I might have.

    BTW, I found them on eBay for about $5.00 == original full set of install disks

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