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    Feb 3, 2017
    I’ve never put a great emphasis on security while using my Macs outside of applying common sense. I’m encrypted, location services off, ghostery in Safari, I use Duck Duck Go, etc, etc..

    I use my firewall and what not and ghostery seems to do a pretty good job of blocking ads, therefore spam.

    I recently installed little snitch (trial). Little snitch showed me that although ghostery is blocking tracking info and data collection while surfing the web, my apps (such as Dr. Cleaner) are little Judas’s. According to little snitch, my apps are sending info to analytic sites and whatnot! I’ve nothing to hide but still, I just don’t like it.

    Little Snitch is a p.i.t.a. b/c I keep getting these pop-ups asking me what to do and that is so Windows’esque! I’m sure I can adjust the way LS operates and the pop-ups can be avoided but with that said, is LS a good app for security (basically an outgoing firewall) or is there something better that I might try before going through the effort to learn LS functionality..or to buy it?

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
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    Sep 7, 2007

    Little Snitch is only annoying the first few days your apps all trigger their call home and it actually catches them.
    Read what it says, respect the rule setting and set them correctly.

    I haven't had a little snitch popup I didn't expect in ages, and only occurs when I upgrade an app, or install a new one.

    If you load chrome or whatever and it keeps popping up .. stop clicking it away.

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