Mac Server to Sync all files?

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  1. nwroberts, Jun 5, 2011
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    Please don't flog me if this post is a duplicate or maybe obviously answered already (which I missed).

    Does Mac Server (Snow Lep) allow for syncing all files across my iMac, iPhone, and iPad? More specifically, can I make the server sync (or just accessible - without a remote software) the files I keep on my iMac, available on my iPhone/iPad over the internet? So kinda like using iCloud, but me hosting it instead?

    I do have a VPN router if that helps the situation. Any thoughts and/or network configurations for this? Or is the current version of OS X Server able to do this the way I would like it?
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    Jun 10, 2011
    I presume you are doing this from home? You would need your server to be accessible from the internet, which requires some kind of DNS. DynDNS can help with this (presuming you don't have a static IP address, if you do other options are available):

    As for the server itself. What kind of files do you want to access? You could simply set the server up as a web server which would then be accessible through the DynDNS address.
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    I don't believe you need anything special for this except a computer that is accessible from the internet.
    You can use a program called rsync. It is a command line tool that keeps two directories synchronized. You can run that tool in a scheduler (Windows Task Scheduler, Unix cron job).

    That's all you need.

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