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    Nov 7, 2016
    Hello. I've never owned a Mac and am wondering what I will need to set up a server. My PC That I use as a media server had an unfortunate accident and I am not looking to replace it. All I will be using it for is plex, picture storage, and occasionally accessing files when I'm away. Is there an inexpensive and simple way to accomplish this while I get my feet wet? Thanks for any help here.
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    Jun 16, 2011
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    Is a mac really going to be the best thing for what you need? It sounds more like you need a NAS (Network Attached Storage). Plex can run on a lot of NASs and I'm pretty sure they have a compatibility list. At work, we us Synology for both our NAS. They can be set up with as many drives as you need for redundancy or additional storage.
  3. theluggage macrumors 68040

    Jul 29, 2011
    Are you saying you want to get a Mac to use as a server, or you want to set up a server that you'll access from the Mac?

    Assuming the former:

    First, you don't need to buy the "Mac OS server" add-on that you'll find in the App Store.

    Plex: I believe Plex server runs fine on a Mac, nothing extra needed.

    Picture storage (on your local network): Doesn't Plex do that? If not, just enable sharing in system preferences (On older versions of MacOS there is a separate checkbox for "Windows file sharing" if you connect from non-Macs) then "Get Info" on your pictures folder and make it a shared folder.

    Accessing files remotely: for most people, the easiest/safest thing is to use "cloud storage" such as DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft Drive to store files you want to access remotely - there's a list of reasons why home network connections aren't great for running remotely accessible servers (dynamic IP addresses, slow upload speed, ISP terms & conditions, accidentally letting hackers own your home network...). Other solutions are possible, but beyond the scope of a short post!

    Re what @crewkid89 said - Yes a NAS might be a better solution, but the wrinkle is whether or not they are suitable for running Plex, and whether you need transcoding support in Plex. You'll need to read this:

    Otherwise, Mac-wise, the best tool for the job would be a second-hand/refurb Mac Mini.

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