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    Nov 8, 2011
    Dear all,

    I am new to anything mac, except for my iphone. Now I just bought a brand new mac mini, which I connected to my TV so I can watch movies, play my iTunes library, etc.

    The rest of my computers are all Windows 7 machines (laptops, work pc, etc.)

    I have permissions issue, which I can't seem to resolve. Here are the specifics:

    - I've created a folder in the root of my "Macintosh HD" called "NAS".
    - I've created a user on the mac called "tjeerdanne"
    - I have enabled sharing of the "NAS" folder and gave the user "tjeerdanne" read/write permissions
    - The main mac user is called "tjeerdkramer". I have also granted this (admin) user read/write permissions to this folder.
    - On any windows 7 machine, I can access the "NAS" folder just fine, using "tjeerdanne" as the user to connect. I can also read/write folders to it.
    - Now, when I am sitting behind my Mac again, I can see the folders newly created folders, but I can't access them (permission denied).

    My question is, how do I set it up so that the main Mac user can access all content written by the "tjeerdanne" share user?

    The strange this is, when someone with another mac connects to my mac-mini using the same credentials (tjeerdanne) he can also read/write (as expected) to this "NAS" folder, but the folders created by another mac, *can* be accessed by me, sitting behind my mac mini...

    Hope someone can help me out here...
  2. fastforwardtech, Nov 17, 2011
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    Oct 27, 2011
    I seem to have the same problem here, some help would be very much appreciated.

    What's happening is when a user creates a file in the share, they are set as the owner of the file (fine) but with no group or other permissions.
    For example: rw- --- ---

    I have set the primary group all users are a member of in the top level ACL and propagated the permissions to all child folders. However when new files are created they again have the above permissions.

    I believe I need to set a permissions mask or setup inheritance somewhere, but I have no idea where. There doesn't seem to be an option for this under

    The server is running 10.7 Lion with all updates with the data on a HiveRAID system. The client machines are a mix of Lion and Windows 7 / XP. The Mac's don't have this problem but they connect via AFP, I think this is an SMB problem.


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    Feb 14, 2007
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    Are both users administrators?
    I use a older macbook pro as my "home server" with 4 macs one with windows 7 in bootcamp & a XP PC. Although I do not access it much with the windows machines I usually use the same user names and passwords on all the macs and have no permissions issues.
    Hope this helps

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