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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Makaveli7, Jan 13, 2008.

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    We all know Windows allows the user to configure his/her startup, by just entering msconfig in run. Now the question is, can the Mac allow the user configure his/her startup? I am new to the Mac, recently I got my hands on the Macbook. The labtop I must say is pretty sweet, hasn't given me problem since I first bought it. All I want to know is if it's possible to change up my startup, just don't want PeerGuardian starting up.:p
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    You'll probably want to consult the MacRumors Guides as you discover OS X. The PeerGuardian program is probably located in your account Login Items.

    Go into System Preferences, then Accounts, click on Login Items, and if it is in there, highlight and click on the - (minus) symbol below.

    MacRumors Guides:

    Also use Google to learn about OS X, there is a ton of information on the net.

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