Mac still randomly deleting my files!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Luke30, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Oct 28, 2012

    I posted a while ago that I'd lost one of my Word documents with several days of work in it. It's happened again, this time while I was paying close attention. I worked a bit on a file, saved it with cmd + S, pressed the red X to close it down (which it did with no "Don't you want to save?" warning), and then went to email the file. It didn't show up - only the older version. The file is not in "All my files", nor in Library or the recycle bin.

    Seriously, this is a pretty massive problem. Last time I posted, a lot of people complained of the same issue, and/or said "Wellll, that's Microsoft for you" (though surely it's a Mac OS issue) or "It'll be faster to write it the second time". Any idea why this happens, and whether it's a known issue? Is it just Word for Mac, or do you similarly lose other types of files? Is there anything I can do, other than manually saving every file multiple times to a load of locations just in case?

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    Not that I know how to solve your problem, but I can certainly tell you, Office would be OFF my system in a flash if that was happening.

    Now with office being an online experience, technically you don't NEED to use it. You can open your old files online.

    You can use Numbers to replace Excel, TextEdit to replace Word, and Keynote to replace Powerpoint.

    Microsoft apps take a ridiculous time to load on my machine...on the old junker PC at work, Microsoft opens as fast as lightening.

    I swear that code has been written so many times over, I can load my audio editing/video editing software (with a bazillian plug-ins) faster than I can open a crummy .doc file.

    We used to RELY on Office, but now, there are MANY alternatives, and not really any reason to use it. Need to share files with Windows users? Hardly a problem anymore.
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    Luke, not saying that I don't believe you but have you tried opening Word again and go to open recent files? The file might simply be there but saved in a directory you don't expect... just trying to help...
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    Tootall, I sure did! It's long gone - if you Google this topic you'll see it's happened to a few other people, who all have complex suggestions for how to get your files back from deep inside the Mac. Now joy in my case though.

    I might give another word processor a try, but Keynote is out of the question for most people as you often need to give presentations on some else's PC running Powerpoint. Sure you can save as pdf for portability, but as far as I know that means no animations. And yes, I use animations tastefully! Thankfully I am now good enough with R to not have to bother with Excel. Still tied to Word though! It's fine when it works, not slow on my Mac at least.

  5. Drew017, Dec 14, 2012
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    You can use Apple Pages to replace Word...

    and as for keynote... you can save your projects as Powerpoint projects and movies movies as well as PDFs.

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