Mac Store Able to Pull Data on HD if Dead?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by PingPongPlayer, Sep 1, 2009.

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    "Dead" is a relative thing when it comes to hard drives. Sometimes parts of the drive are accessible, so that you can see the files but not the attached data. Other times, data is written to the drive but subsequently lost. Certainly in some cases the read heads will cease to read or the drive will lose the ability to turn freely, but the death of a hard drive is not always absolute.

    Is this a warranty repair?
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    could be either the board killed the drive or they killed it making the repair. Hard to prove either way.
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    While mistakes do happen, when it comes to a hard drive 99% of the time it's coincidence if it fails during a repair.

    I always give people a disclaimer when reinstalling/backing up their old drive. Typically for people who never do anything other than check their email for 4 years. Their drive has been dying for a while but they don't know/realize it, then all of a sudden you start stressing the drive and it goes out completely.

    "Hey man, you broke my drive. It was working fine for 7 years but then you touch it and it breaks."


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