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Apr 22, 2015
NYC & Newfoundland
Most were probably people who realized they spent too much money and returned it.

People return computers for all kinds of reasons. I returned a base Max because I liked the computer enough that I decided to order an upgraded version with 64GB of memory, 2TB of storage and 32 graphics cores. Because only the base Max has been available from Apple Stores, I would not be surprised if quite a lot of people did what I did.
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Oct 11, 2008
So .. probably units that were returned for being noisy.
Probably because YouTubers with 1k subscribers order every mode variation to make a video seen by hundreds of people to just return the hardware back before their 14 days is up.

Or do you think a single person ordered 30k worth of hardware to keep after making a video?
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Dec 22, 2013
Probably the one I returned ;)

I went from Max base model to Ultra model and back when I realized the Ultra model was practically no faster in video editing (even effects, titles) than the Max model. Sometimes my laptop (a 32 core Max) was faster than the ultra in exports and playback! It made no sense.

I couldn’t justify the extra $1700 (refurb prices) for a jump to 64gb and 1 TB storage which essentially was all I was paying for.

What a shame. The Ultra showed so much promise but the extra video encode decode engines, the extra neural engine, are currently not used. And the GPU is highly constrained as the core counts go up.

IF however you do CPU limited tasks like Lightroom - or work with a lot of RAW video footage (I don’t; all of mine is compressed), the Ultra is a lot faster. So YMMV
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