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Dec 17, 2004
United Kingdom

I've just re-subscribed to .mac and think it's pretty good and the disk space increase is definately great. But I had to join using a retail box bought from the AppleStore because the .mac online subscription page doesn't accept the UK Switch/Maestro card (although I did choose UK as my country, and it is accepted on the AppleStore and on iTunes)... weird, but anyways.

I want to upgrade to the 4GB disk space option but can't because of the aforementioned problem. Is there any where you can buy an upgrade retail box? I couldn't see it on the UK AppleStore. I also noticed that the upgrade is the same price as the standard 1-year membership. If I bought another .mac retail box and credited that code, would it upgrade my account to 4GB rather than giving me another year of 1GB.

Any ideas appreciated :)


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Dec 20, 2002
sunny los angeles
buying a new retail box extends your subscription by one year. sorry, i don't know much about it otherwise...you might want to look into whether or not you can purchase it with an apple gift card (that maybe you can buy at the store).


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Feb 3, 2004
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I don't think there is any kind of retail box for upgrading. I believe its only possible through your account online, which means you will probably need a credit card. If you can't figure anything else out, try giving Apple a call, I'm sure they'll figure out a way to take... ahem.. receive your money. 1-800-MY-Apple in the usa. It should be listed on the banner of the store if you need the UK number.