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    I downloaded mac the ripper so that I could copy all of the dvds I own so that I wouldnt have to take originals with me to college. I ripped a dvd, but I dont know what to do with it now, how do I get into a format that I can burn onto a dvd?

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    Detailed MTR to DVD Burn

    Popcorn or Toast will compress the DVD to fit on a single DVD but if you have Dual Layer capability you can uncheck the "fit to dvd" option.

    There are several other programs out there such as DVD2OneX that will compress to fit on a single layer DVD as well.

    To recap:

    1. Use MTR to remove the CSS encryption of the discs you legally own.
    2. Use DVD2OneX, Popcorn, or Toast to compress and fit to a single DVD or uncheck "fit to dvd" option if you are using dual layer DVDs.
    3. Burn the DVD using Popcorn, Toast, or another DVD (including OS X's built in DVD burning capability), making sure you don't have any spaces in the DVD naming (for example, DANCES_WITH_WOLVES and that you are only burning the VIDEO_TOS folder. Your burn type should be DVD Video (also known as DVD-ROM (UDF).

    For a very detailed guide, see

    Good luck.


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