Mac to Mac Remote Desktoping - Where, When, How???

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Sean Dempsey, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Sean Dempsey macrumors 68000

    Sean Dempsey

    Aug 7, 2006
    this was my biggest reason for getting leopard... but I can't seem to find it.

    Did this ship? Is it working? is it only for leopard to leopard machines?
  2. GimmeSlack12 macrumors 603


    Apr 29, 2005
    San Francisco
    Dude you can already do this with any computer using VNC. ChickenVNC for Mac or Apple Remote Desktop will allow this. I control my Macs and PCs at home from work all the time.
  3. Deej macrumors regular

    Apr 25, 2005
    Make sure you have Remote Desktop enabled in the Sharing section of System Prefs - then in the finder window on Leopard, the machine should appear on the sidebar.

    Select the machine, then on the right there's a button for screen sharing :)

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