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    Backstory: years ago our family's old Power PC desktop mysteriously stopped displaying on the screen. You could hear the startup noise and hard drive working but the screen would remain black. My parents used this as an excuse to get a new Intel desktop and the old one has sat forgotten on a shelf ever since.

    At least, until today when I got it down and started screwing with it. My goal right now is remote login via ssh on the local network. I can usually do this with any two of the laptops we have lying around using "ssh alex-ns-macbook.local" via Terminal but first I have to enable remote login via the Sharing panel in System Preferences. I have the ip address of the old desktop via the Ethernet appearing in the Network panel, but attempts at "ssh <user>@<ip-adress>" are refused. I'm guessing I have to enable remote login on the old desktop?

    Right now I have my macbook connected to the old desktop via direct ethernet connection, and I can connect using my dad's old account and password via the Shared panel in the Finder window. However, I only seem to have read only access, and I can't run old desktop's system preferences to enable remote login. However, I've found its ssh.plist and I think I can enable it from there, only I can't modify the file.

    So, I guess my questions are
    --- how do I gain remote access to this old computer?
    --- can I do it by enabling remote sharing on the old desktop and then "ssh <user>@<ip-adress>" ?
    --- if so, how?

    tl;dr - how to gain remote access to old desktop with broken screen?
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