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Discussion in 'iPod' started by scotty96LSC, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Oct 24, 2007
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    I've been trying for three hours to move my son's iTunes library from my MAC to his Vista PC. I have done this before on the other Vista machine in the house by copying the hidden iPod files from my daughters iPod to the new Vista Laptop. No problems.
    However, his machine doesn't recognize his iPod, won't let me see the hidden files, and is hell bent on pissing me off.
    I have a back up on an external hard drive, fat 32, and his machine won't recognize that either. So I burn his playlist of 200 songs to a dvd but only 63 burn. I'm guessing only the checked songs burn since his music is so nasty (tool, disturbed, etc) that the burn only recognizes checked songs. Now the 63 can't be found on his iTunes and wants to find again. The rest I will have to copy to a flash drive and install manually or something I guess.
    Why, oh why, is this such a pain in the rear end to move music from one computer to another -- one operating system to another? I'd rather have a boil with 12 heads on my butt than this.
    Why was one install so easy and this one again chapping my ass until its raw???????
    Thank you to whom ever invented alcohol and the three-day weekend.

    (this is not a call for help as I have done this before, this is just a vent! This is what retired military people do -- vent, bitch or whatever you want to call it.)

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