mac to windows and ten years later back to Mac, need some alternative app suggestions

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by debudebu, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. debudebu macrumors regular

    Dec 13, 2008
    I went with a Macbook pro after a ten year stint on Windows and have been struggling to get a fast workflow going. Really need some suggestions on how to do some things:

    1. dual pane browser with shortcuts like xplorer2 in Win, guess forklift is the best on Mac? I know the philosophy with files is different on Mac, but I do a lot of moving information around and can't find something as nice as xplorer2. I know I can put a shortcut in finder to common go to files or folders, but that's very limited in comparison. I've downloaded iced audiofinder and might just use it for sounds I've made, but other files need something else with dual panes ability to change background colors etc.

    2. how to browse folders flattened on an external drive so just files show from a folder and its subfolders? xplorer2 allows this and in ways I've used it to replace Ableton's and browsers for other software.

    3. multiple books marks in finder.. is it limited to a few or can you hack it? Maybe one bookmark folder that leads to a page of system shortcuts is the best option?

    4. Has anyone got a logitech mouse working with Mavericks to where you can do things like assign copy and enter to buttons on mouse? I've tried three logitech mice (currently anywheremx) and none seem to work.

    5. teracopy like app but for mac?

    6. dual screen text editor

    7. ability to change the background color of window panes (finder especially) to something off white. Xplorer2 allows this, but will finder allow it for EVERY view?

    8. can I slightly change the background color in Itunes to off white throughout the whole GUI? script to change it to the color of media monkey or spotify?

    9. app that allows me to immediately play files THEN SELECT MORE FILES AND HAVE AN OPTION TO PLAY NEXT via context menu from an external hard drive. Are there scripts or there's gotta be a way to do this?

    I know it may sound like I'm trying to turn Mac into Win, but I'm not, more like trying to figure out Macs way of doing things that may be more for power users. On Mac things like Alfred, better touch tool, some neat midi capabilities and the ability to swap USB controllers without restarting is cool. Things I've grown accustomed to on Win seem a bit crippled on Mac, but I think I just haven't got my head around it yet. Any suggestions on ANY of these? Please discuss
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    Mar 13, 2014
    I'm not sure about all your questions but many can be achieved with PathFinder.

    Not really sure what type of files you want to play (video or audio), but iTunes has a play next feature when you right click on a song. You can add as many songs to your Up Next list.

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