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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by vee.uye, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Another newbie question. I used to be able to swap files from my home macbook to my university pcs easily. I had a problem with a file that wouldn't delete on my datastick and decided to reformat it. But however I format it (ms dos or mac) the windows pc doesnt recognise the drive when I connect it.

    Any suggestions to what might be going on? I've been using Disk Utility to format the pen drive. I've also recently installed Snow Leopard and wonder if there could be any connection.

    Thanks again for the help and advice in advance

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    If it doesn't work on Windows even after formatting as FAT or FAT32, the problem is likely the partition map.

    In Disk Utility, select the drive, then click the Partition tab. Choose 1 Partition from the Volume Scheme popup. Notice the Options... button is enabled. Click Options... and choose Master Boot Record. Proceed as usual.

    The labels like "Volume Scheme" and "Options" are for 10.5 Leopard. They may differ on other OS versions.
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    Thanks guys.

    It wasn't working in Windows, even though I had selected FAT/MS DOS option in disk utility.

    I followed Chown33's instructions and this has solved the problem. Many thanks!!

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