Mac trash bin deletes files automatically

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by 251920, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Sep 17, 2008
    If I put a file in the trash, I get a message saying "Are you sure you want to delete (insert file item here)" Then it says it will be deleted and can not be recovered. How can I get it so it won't empty the trash whenever I put an item in it? So that it keeps the files in the trash bin?
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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Feb 14, 2011
    help ! this happened to me and that link above didn't help?

    while i was on mac forums frantically reading around how on earth i might be able to 'restore' from my trash folder, files which i unintentionally deleted from a large folder containing many other folders.... (and discovered that no restore function means i'd have to drag & drop the approx 2500 files INDIVIDUALLY into folders where i don't know from whence they came (massive dilemma) -

    so i was reading about that, thnking whoops i should've used time machne (only i didn't have any discs toback up to so never did), and thinking, man i've had my mac for 3 years and never needed this before, but PC's have that function and they are crap so why doesn't my beautiful little mac ?

    then, while i thought the files were safely sitting in .trash folder till i could pull them out (yep i should've dragged them all into a desktop folder immediately, sure),
    my mac started DELETING them from trash WITHOUT MY PERMISSION or PROMPT !???

    what the ??
    how and WHY did it do this ? - and why oh WHY didn't it warn me first ??

    by the time i realised what that little window was tellling me and pressed the x button in it to stop them deleting - half were gone.

    they were music files, they were my MUSIC ! - they cost me so much $$ and it's not fair !

    i thought that not having a restore function was bad enough, now this ?

    i tried command +Z immediately cos i'd just read about that (ok i'm a student, i'm not a computer whizz) but of course, no love.

    help anyone ?
    i came straight back here to write this..... HELP ??? i want it back !??

    lastly - the only thing i can think of that might save me is my ipod - it has all my music, including the 50% that my mac just DELETED... is there a way i can take it from my ipod back to my mac ?

    if you can talk me through this that would make my day, week, month, YEAR - i can't beging to think how many years i've spent colecting all those beautiful tunes ! :-(((((
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    And you didn't bother to back up your music collection which you value so highly? Where would you be if the HDD simply died? backup disks are insurance against far more than simply deleting by mistake. You can buy an external HDD for a quite reasonable price.

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