Mac Update Failed & Backup Corrupt

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by JakeCoupland, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. JakeCoupland Suspended

    Apr 16, 2015
    Hi everyone, I need a little help please!

    I decided to update my MacBook Pro (late 2012) to the Public Beta, so backed up my Mac and updated it. After the update completed, my Mac was restarting and now won't switch on properly, I get stuck in a grey screen with the process bar about 75% complete which is where it stops every time. I've tried everything!

    So reluctantly, I booted my Mac into recovery mode and decided I was going to restore my Mac and then restore it from the backup, alas just before I did this I checked the back up and it turns out its corrupt! (Just my luck!)

    So what I need help with is how to get all the precious photos on my hard drive safely off and on to an external hard drive from recovery mode? Do I make an image of the hard drive or something? I just need help on the best steps to take now so I don't lose any precious photos!

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    Feb 20, 2009
    I sense that your data files are "still there".

    The problem is that the OS in its current state is non-bootable, and you haven't any easy way to boot the computer and access your files. Recovery mode doesn't include any finder-level app that will let you manipulate files, other than terminal which is very user-UNfriendly.

    Since you can boot into recovery mode, I think your best option at this point is to use ANOTHER external drive (can be either hard drive or USB flashdrive) on which you install a fully-bootable copy of the OS. By "fully-bootable", I mean an OS that boots you into the finder.

    If you do this on a hard drive of sufficient capacity, get the OS installed and create a new account so you can "go to work" on the problem drive(s).

    It -might- be possible (at the end of the install where the installer asks if you want to migrate data) to grab your old files from the corrupted drive (even if the OS is un-bootable). Worth a try.

    BUT... if that doesn't work....
    If you can get either of these drives mounted via the finder, start looking around for "your stuff". If you tend to keep everything in your home folder, you could try copying the home folder "intact" to your good drive, then go poking around inside it.

    Does any of this help?

    One final suggestion:
    IN THE FUTURE -- if you decide to "go experimentin'" with a beta copy of the OS, do it on an EXTERNAL drive. Leave your internal drive alone. This way, if things go wrong, you can just erase the external drive, and you'll still have your "main drive, as it was".
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    Apr 16, 2015
    Thanks so much for all the info! Do you know anywhere I can get a step-by-step guide for these kind of things? I'm quite techy so would normally just get on with it but seen as this has family photos on, I don't want to go wrong!

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