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    my friend thinks this: this is part of a discussion with another mac supporter:
    (my friend is gonna put leopard onto his pc)

    As we know, Apple went over to using Intel processors some time ago. These are the same processors you get on the motherboards of a PC and of course there are different flavours of chip: Core 2 Duo, Xeon etc.

    Lines crossing now? Or is it that Apple are losing the quality they had with IBM? Now, what makes a computer? The CPU, the various bus speeds and sizes, the surrounding hardware, the amount of RAM. So yes, lots of things. Then, there's the OS you put on it and then the apps that run on top of that. /applaud.

    Apple have never catered to the budget market. They cater to the consumer market, but these two things are very different. Where Apple differ from a company like Dell is that they make both the OS and the hardware. Everything is spec'd together so that the hardware and the software can achieve some harmony.

    Apple don’t make the hardware.. ATI, Intel, NVIDIA, Seagate MAKE the hardware. APPLE MAKE NO HARDWARE! NONE! They choose WHAT they want to run with. Imagine what the hell would happen if Microsoft done that? People would go APE

    But that’s the political side of things. APPLE DO NOT MAKE HARDWARE, THEY CHOOSE THE HARDWARE. The motherboards are built to apples spec and use EFI, not BIOS which DOES THE SAME THING IN ESSENCE. APPLE RESTRICT WHAT YOU CAN DO AS A RESULT!!! It’s like saying they choose not to be compatible with hardware and get you to accept it. WTF? And you accept it and carry on as if it were ok? Is it me thinking there is something wrong?

    With a PC you can, if you decide to, skimp on a component or a speed or a config. And that will save you money but give you a lower standard of whatever it was you decided to skimp on. In my experience, Apple hardware is pretty good. It lasts. I have a G4 400mhz I bought in 2000 that is still going strong. I have added ram and another HD but it runs Leopard and is in perfect working order. Compared to my Mac Pro, yes, it's slow. It's 8 years old.

    With a MAC you can, if you decide to, skimp on a component or a speed or a config. And that will NOT save you money. It’s kinda like buying an RS version of a 911. You get less but pay more.

    If you spec'd a PC with the same processors and quality of hardware as a Mac Pro the prices would be very similar, the Mac (in the past at least, it's been a while since I checked) coming out cheaper in 2 matched systems in some cases.

    wrong. prove me wrong. .

    Now we get to the OS. The main character of the Mac is defined by it's OS. So if your friend does not like Macs but is willing to run Leopard on a PC one must ask the theologic question about the separation between hardware and software because on a Mac, where is the distinction?

    From this we can possibly assume that what he really means is that he thinks that Macs are too expensive. Of course this PC would use cheaper hardware.

    No, Macs screw you for your money to take you into the brand. They aren’t too expensive. An AMD Opteron or a Xeon setup is expensive, and rightly so. I buy a mac for a grand it comes with an ATI 128mb graphics card. That’s a RIP. You get the Mac Pro, default card is a 256MB Radeon. That’s £1,700 worth of computer and that is all it comes with. Logic?

    I really don't see the correlation at all.

    Depends on what you want to do with it my friend. Sometimes I like to mock it. But it’s mainly for Logic and Shake.

    I just find it strange that he doesn't like Apple but wants to run Leopard, as Leopard is Apple.

    What? I like the software, but not the overpriced hardware. Not a fan of the incompatibility either or lack thereof of many software, less so when you can’t run certain software when you upgrade to a later release of their OS.

    With all the time and fuss and bother he'd have to go to (my time is what earns and costs me money) to make this system work and keep it maintained and up to date it would be far far cheaper, over the life of the computer, to just get a Mac.

    Check this out for time and effort.
    1. Install VMWare.
    2. Switch VMWare window to second monitor screen.
    3. Install Leopard
    4. Run Leopard
    5. Laugh
    6. Close Leopard.
    7. Run Windows

    Job done. Effort my a$$. My time earns me money too.
    So, not a single reasonable answer yet apart from “apple selected hardware” has more quality. And even that, I laugh at and call names.

    . I’m buying a PC and running Leopard within VMWare. And yes, technically I’d be breaking Apple’s own EULA for using NON-MAC-APPROVED-HARDWARE and have my license deemed void. That good?
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    WTF are you talking about. You lost me when you said Dell made their OS. :rolleyes:
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    May 28, 2005
    Your windows computer won't run as good as the day you bought it 4 years from now (without a format), will it? Didn't think so, now stop trolling.
  4. McGiord, Aug 3, 2008
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    Dark Castle
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    Where does he say Dell makes their OS?

    The way I look at it is: Apple makes good hardware, and on it, like any other manufacturer they allow you to run Windows, Linux, or whatever you want. They also allow you to run their own OS, Mac OS X. Microsoft doesn't have to allow PC vendors to run their OS, but that's their business strategy. The way Apple does it is just their business plan. They don't need to provide anyone with OS X. What gives you the right to tell a company what they can do with an OS they developed? Sure it'd be nice if they opened up OS X, but I can't see any reason for them to do it.

    PS: OP, you thound thuper cool! You're putting OS X on regular PC hardware? How>EROE!@??@?! I've never heard of anyone doing that before!!! OMG HOW>TT??T?T???T?
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    just to clarify, the post was not written by me.
    i just passed it on here.
    and NO i am not trolling.
    im here to learn and discuss these issues.

    yes totally true, pc needs formatting etc.
    i have one, and ive had problems for 3 years.
    hence now i am buying a mac.

    dont macs need formatting every other year or so?

    apple makes good hardware? what do they actually make?
    hard drives and ram and processors are from other manufacturers.
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    pfft. No!

    They design the hardware from top to bottom and have ridiculously good driver integration. They may not make the hardware, but no computer company does.
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    Apple makes the cases and the OS. The components are made by other companies, but they are reputable.

    Dell makes cases and bloatware that they install on the OSes before they are shipped.
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    You can buy cases identical to Dell's from companies that advertise in Computer Shopper magazine. Dell does not write bloatware, but it certainly installs it--a lot of it--on each system that it ships.

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