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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by SwiftLives, Sep 9, 2009.

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    We're finally making our case to get MacBook Pros and widescreen monitors for graphic design at our company on Thursday. Here is the ROI/justification notes I'll be using. Please feel free to add to the list and play devil's advocate. Hopefully, this can serve as a future discussion for others to make their case for adopting Macs.

    Keep in mind, these are my personal notes and are not intended to be given in printed form to the people we're presenting to. (They're a little scattery)


    Business Case for Macs:

    The primary reason we want MacBook Pros is speed. We’ve been taking on more and more work this year, and a more efficient machine will help us become a more efficient department.

    Part of the speed comes from our background as designers – we’re more familiar with the Mac OS and therefore quicker on it.

    Part of it comes from several advantages of the OS X user interface:
    • Quickview – can highlight an item on the desktop and preview it by hitting spacebar (images and Microsoft Office docs)
    • Exposé – Can easily switch between open windows and programs with a key command or mouse movement.
    • Trademark symbols – The keystroke to add these on the Mac OS is significantly quicker than on Windows.

    The OS X user interface is far superior for users who run multiple programs and have to switch between them. It is not uncommon for us to have InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Email, Multiple browser windows, and multiple finder windows open at the same time for the same project.

    The processing power needed to run these programs simultaneously (especially when working on a large file) is insufficient even on the small Macbook. Because of the visual nature of our jobs, a computer with a dedicated graphics card is favored.

    New Monitor:

    Having multiple program windows open requires a significant amount of screen real estate. Our current displays are insufficient for our purposes.

    Many of our projects involve creating pieces that are wider than our current monitors. A 24in. Monitor would allow us to view two 8.5x11 pages side by side at 100%. Most of the product brochures we create are this size. This allows us a better more accurate preview and requires fewer printouts. In addition to brochures, we are also responsible for creating numerous large banners for tradeshows and company conferences.

    Secondly, our current monitors are frankly pretty cheap, and thus do not allow accurate color calibration.
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    It's being years since I worked in DTP but I can think of 4 right away that no PC fanatic can possibly disagree with.

    System Wide Colour Picker

    PDF based imaging display. Print from ANY app to industry standard PDF because that's how it draws your display in OS X!


    Wider Colour Gamut (the 2.2 Windows standard they've adopted for Snow Leopard is just a calibration away from being back to the 1.8 normal Mac gamma)
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    Some examples:

    Minimal support cost.

    Think about it, say 3 extra minutes per day to start up windows and let everything load. Multiply that by at least 200 days = 600 minutes per year.

    10 hours of time per year saved.

    That's before the stupid windows issues and need for IT personnel for windows.

    Fast start and shut down = higher productivity (if you even shut down your mac).

    No virus = No need for virus scan = 10% faster than comparable PCs out of the box.

    Better multi tasking. Try opening 100 6mb JPEGs, having 20 browser windows open, and 10,000 emails, and other apps with documents open and switching back and forth in windows. Try to look for the one photo you want in 100 open photos in photoshop in windows.
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    Because you enjoy using them, making you more happy, relaxed and productive.
  5. Buzz Bumble Guest

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    The biggest plus point for Macs: NO viruses!
    There's absolutely no need for slowing your computer down with stupid "anti-virus" software that rarely works properly and needs constant updating.
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    Honestly, for me as a web designer the biggest reason I use OS X over windows is not speed, or silly small things such as "saving time using virus scanners", rather it's inspiration the operating system provides. Not only is my workflow more productive because of the way it's laid out, but I'm not forced to look at a dull grey toolbar.

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 is an improvement over XP from a design aspect, but both are still years behind. It frustrates me how much screen space is wasted with massive 15 pixel boarders on all four sides of every window.

    It's the small details for me.
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    Jim Campbell

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    Font display accurate to print.

    Colour calibration easier and much more accurate.


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    at the end of the hall
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    They just work!
    They do their job so well I get lost in my job.
    I Clean Installed Snow Leopard, & Spent about 1 hour prepping & installing, then I spent 10 minutes getting Mail sorted out & Firefox prefs done.
    Clean installed Adobe Master Collection & Final Cut & I am off & at it in 4 hours start to finish.
    Printer works, scanner works, accessories work, Feels more responsive & all within a day before lunch.
    Try that with a PC.
    Installed XP on Bootcamp & took 10 hours to get everything straight & it still cant see my external hd's & wont print.
    Won't recognize my scanner.
    Macs RULE!

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