Mac vs PC Users Psych Profile Infographic

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Relznuk, Apr 23, 2011.

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    very interesting,thanx,but, what if u use both equally?

    im glad we have more than one os choice,cant get that stupid fan boy attitude for win or osx,they are both great,only dikheads take sides,good post too.
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    There was a similar study published forever ago in either Ad Age or PR Week. Don't remember which. It basically said the same thing except without the goofy details like hummus and gimlets.

    How come there's only Mac, PC, or Neither? How about us Both-ers?
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    I thought this was interesting. I liked seeing different brands and shows and what they represent philosophically.
  5. edifyingGerbil macrumors regular

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    this is pretty meaningless, they keep changing the wording. for instance:

    PC people are 43% more likely to say talking about computers is akin to "struggling with a foreign language."

    Mac people are 21% more likely than PC people to consider themselves computer-savvy gearheads.

    so, are they saying that because 43% of PC people said they struggle to talk about computers that means 57% do NOT struggle?

    likewise, because only 21% of Mac people consider themselves computer savvy, does that mean 79% do not?

    this infographic is pretty worthless.
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    Agreed, it was a bit difficult to follow and it needs to be more consistent. It paints a picture, but it's hard to tell if thats what the numbers actually mean, or just how the author used the wording to skew the interpretation.

    The very last section amused me. Who would have thought Mac users were more likely to buy MacWorld magazine! :D

    Of course, as a general cautionary note, we should all know that correlation is not the same as causality!
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    I'm A Mac, You're Sarah Palin

    Mac users are more politically liberal, more urban, younger and more educated than their PC-using counterparts, according to a new survey by affinity aggregator Hunch.

    The results of a survey of 388,315 Hunch users posted Friday in Hunch's visually arresting style identified 52 percent of respondents as self-described PC people, 25 percent as users of Apple's Macintosh computers and 23 percent as neither. Hunch cross-referenced those results with dozens of other questions it asks users to answer.

    The details of the findings seem to fall along the lines that many people would have had a, well, hunch about in the first place. Mac users are chic, design-oriented and like hummus and San Pelligrino. PC users get around in jeans and chase down patty melts with Pepsi or Orange Crush.

    Other results are a bit odder—or at least don't neatly fit into any preconceived notions we might have of the two groups. For example, PC people like sweets, while Mac people like salty chips. PC people lean towards white wines, while Mac people like the red stuff.

    Among the more provocative findings:

    ► 58 percent of Mac people are "liberal," as compared to 38 percent of PC people

    ► 67 percent of Mac people have completed a four-year college degree or higher, as compared to just 54 percent of PC people
    ► 52 percent of Mac people live in a city, while PC people are 18 percent more likely than Mac people to live in the suburbs and 21 percent live in rural areas

    ► Mac people throw a lot more parties than PC people

    ► Mac people are more confident about their verbal abilities but less confident about their math abilities than PC people

    ► Mac people are more likely to see random people as "similar," whereas PC people are more likely to see them as "different".

    Perhaps least surprising of all—among Mac people's very favorite magazines is Macworld. PC users have no similar need to regularly read about how wonderful their computing preference is. And besides, they've got TV Guide.

    PC Mag
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    Aaaah, Dont you just love stereotypes :D - Then again, I am a liberal 4-year college student with every intention of finishing... however Im confident in my mathematical abilities (Im a CS with Math major) so guess I dont fit the stereotype down to a T, just close ;)
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    I have almost every current apple product, and love apple and I would consider myself 65% more conservative and 35% liberal. But Sarah Pailin is 200% conservative, if I were to run as an independent I would never win, it hasn't happened in a long long long time. America is dominated by political parties, if anything is wrong with the country it's the people in the office not the system. Just my 2 cents.
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    So if you're a PC, does that mean you can see Russia from your house?

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