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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Virgil-TB2, Jul 11, 2008.

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    I am one of the great unwashed massed trying to connect to .Mac every ten minutes or so and having no luck. The last time I tried however, Software Update had me download the MobileMe update even though I had already installed it yesterday from a link provided by a user on a Mac related web site (not this one).

    Since this means that the software I got from the link yesterday actually *wasn't* the exact right software and it got me thinking that perhaps a large part of the problem today and yesterday is being caused by people "going around" the usual process of waiting until apple releases the products and downloading these questionable patches at what may be precisely the wrong time. If people are trying to connect, but with the wrong software "pieces" on their machines, or having installed the various firmware in the wrong order, or previous to the server being ready to pass the right code, etc. that will obviously hinder their ability to connect.

    The servers of many online services like Second Life, Google etc. can sometimes be brought to their knees by a flood of requests of an unexpected nature. People try to connect, and don't have all the ducks in a row software wise, so the server gets confused. It doesn't reject them cause they have *some* of the stuff they need, but it won't admit them because they don't have some crucial missing "piece." then they crash out of the process, or quit the browser leaving the log-in "hung." I realise that I'm making some assumptions here, but I have seen this behaviour many times on other servers.

    So my point is, ...

    Maybe it's inappropriate for Apple and Mac related web sites like Mac Rumours, Engadget, AppleInsider, TUAW, etc, to give out directions and locations of the files on Apple's servers?

    I mean back in the day when Mac users totalled a few thousand and only ten people were going to be trying that posted link, it might be okay. Those ten people kind of knew what they are getting themselves into. Now however, there are millions of Mac users and most of them are basically just consumers or the technology that don't know that they should probably wait for the official release of the software and services being offered.

    I saw posts on some sites yesterday where customers were incandescent with anger over their 2.0 software "not working right" or the app store being down, when none of this stuff was even released at that point! :eek:

    Clearly those people are a bit clued out as to the Mac world, and probably should not have been given those links in the first place.

    I think especially with the .Mac debacle we are all going through today, it could very well be the numerous "hung" log-ins where folks are tying to connect, don't have the right stuff, and then crash out of the log-in. This stalls the server because their crashed log-ins add up to (according to the servers point of view), millions more people *apparently* accessing the service than are *actually* accessing the service.

    Just a theory, what do you think? :)
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    Well for one its illegal....:eek:

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