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    Mar 9, 2013
    Hi Guys
    I really do not want to run windows on my machine but I am thinking of replacing
    my 4x4 GPS and the mapping system will only run on a PC

    If I get Parallels, do I also need to purchase Windows 8 to get the GPS mapping software to work, I believe updates to the hardware are also through a PC

    FWIW, it is 7" Hema navigator HN7
    I already have all the Australian off road maps from a previous model
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    Yes you will have to buy Windows. Boot Camp is a formatting program with drivers to power the Apple keyboard and display stuff. VM (Virtual Machine) is a virtual program that will run another operating system inside a window. For the OS X Intel Macs Boot Camp was made primarily for "Switchers" who couldn't let go of Windows programs yet. Boot Camp is a separate partition you have to boot into.

    On a Mac the VM programs ate as follows:

    1. VMWare Fusion for Mac - IMHO great for enterprises and serious home users

    2. Parallels - Good for graphics but has steep upgrade prices

    3. VitualBox - was great during open sourced but when Oracle bought this gem it is rotting on the vine

    In your case with needing one program IMHO you should lean toward using VM.
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    Mar 9, 2013
    Tks for the heads-up

    That makes a strong case for getting a GPS that does do Mac
    If not, I guess I will have to "bite the bullet",
    Will start looking at alternates, don't want to go back! :eek:

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