mac xp

will microsoft release a xp mac edition?

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Sep 18, 2001
this is not an aurgument, just a discussion. i'm curious how people see the future playing out with mac and pc. pc's have hundreds of manufacturers. a "pc" is a configured box of parts. a mutt. a mac is a pure bread computer if you want to look at it that way. clean and stylish. but, enter microsoft. more and more microsoft software products are entering mac space. explorer is a big part of osx, add to the fact that apple openly admits to using the microsft type explorer windows, ie left bar right has windows. microsoft even owns part of apple. the question i ask here is, how far will apple go to convert pc users to change to a mac? the new macs are "adopting" pc hardware. in time they discuss the newer g4s that go past the ghz mark. it uses athlon's ddr system with a bought athlon quadspeed architecture for the chips. altivec is changing to alpha, and one must ask how long before a xp mac edition. there is nothing stopping microsft from doing it. and with all the drivers now becoming available for mac, things are crossing over. pc and mac side by side. the thing about most pc users is that they are consumed in believing macs suck. most "techs" have never even used macs. they somehow "believe" they are slow. my boss was shocked and amazed that his dual pentium running matrox graphics boards ran 5 times slower than his g4 in after effects. by entering a "mac xp" one could say to a customer who was interested in a pc, look, mac can do both osx, very cool, and xp, at full speed, no vitual pc. plus, it has style, much better speed when optimized. screens are always a hundred times better. i think if you ask yourself honostly would it work, yes, would mac users like it, hell no, but i do believe it would attrack alot of attention. so, is it possible?


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Feb 24, 2001
If MS did release Mac XP I'm sure Apple could release a firmware update through SW update that accidentally makes Mac XP incompatible with Macintoshes.


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Oct 25, 2001
Mac XP

listen to what he is saying...

he's not saying all mac users must use xp as their default os. it is one way that apple might be able to attract other users to their hardware. i'm not saying it is right or even that it would work, but right now people are running LINUX on Apple hardware. why would it be any different if people had the CHOICE of whether or not they wanted XP on the mac. I for one wouldn't use it, and the likelihood of it happening is infinitesimal. but if you chose not to use it, would it hurt you? i don't think so. He's not saying xp is better than X either, rather that it could possibly run on a mac.


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Jan 3, 2002
I dare oppose with a sensible comment and say "that would require an emormous amount of time and money and, if you consider the <5% mac users and then consider that total sales would make up, probably <1% of total computer sales, it would be hardly worth their while".