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    Apr 28, 2007
    I was thinking about .mac and I can't be bothered to read about it on the apple site. Also, I doubt their info covers what I want to know. If I were to put say, a video file that was 700mb on my idisk or whatever, could my friend then download it onto his PC? Would there be any restriction on the sort of file I could post (I think you guys know where I'm going with this but copyright infringement is certainlt not involved. Not at all. Not even a little. None.)?
    Basically I'm asking if it'll let me share files with my mate. Also, would he be able to stick stuff on it aswell?
    With the update it sort of looks like it might be worth the money.
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    Jun 6, 2007
    Canada EH!!!
    You can transfer files up to 2GB in size. A regular account allows for 10GB storage and 100GB monthly data transfer. You can password protect your .Mac public folder so only your mates can access it.

    The greatest thing about .Mac is if you buy a new computer (or if your old HD crashes, or you want to do a clean install of OS X, etc. ) all of your settings in you email and web browser will automatically appear on your new computer (including email server settings, email rules, folders, smart folders, bookmarks etc.).

    Cheers :apple::)

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