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    Ok, love the new mac so far, got the basic macally/allymac model 1299 with yep no lights but hey just finished school and so no more lectures for me! Going to ignore the credit card to the new year.

    While i find the information posted here invaluable, grow up everybody please - the flaming of each other is past a joke, it seems to be taking over every thread. Once you get past that the help on these forums is remarkable. Lets not scare of the newbees to the mac fold.

    For those who been on macs for years, just want to give a different tail - got my first macbook white in 2006 for about 1500 all in by the time memory was upgraded. Overall was very happy with it - it replaced a HP that overheated all the time and eventually melted its board. And the big selling point was the xp installed. comfort blanket or what- it allowed us to buy feeling safe- but after first couple of months never used, and so wiped off. clever one apple.

    Studied abroad, and so last year came back leaving my wife abroad finishing her studies. When we first got the mac, she hated it - due to nothing being where she was used to. But by the time I came back she would not let go of it! Sometimes to save a marriage sacrifices have to be made- sigh!

    So october 2007 had to buy a new machine back in USA. Trying to save money i bought a $550 compaq. Big mistake - hate vista ! This is how my last year with it went

    1) No camera - so had to go buy a usb one- first cheap one sucked - so ended up getting the logitec $100 more expense - drivers did not work with skype and vista - spent 2 weeks before found right drivers and skype update to get videos etc to just sinc

    2) machine initially seemed ok - but by the time of having virus software etc - so slow had to upgrade stock memory - another $100 plus $50 for all the software

    3) machine still slow - vistas solution turn off all visuals - ie looks like xp without the reliability- well done microsoft- whats the point of having cheap machines if they are unusable

    4) 2 months ago - got a tv usb card - guess what - works excellent on a friends xp machine- crashes all the time in vista! even with call to companies lovely indian call center for 2 hours and the software so called fixes- solution run the tv first though an analog conversion box another $50 so that the machine can cope with it - still crashes - so happy!

    5) one month ago - conveniently wireless card breaks 2 weeks post warranty - another $80 for an usb card

    6) 2 weeks ago hard drive crashes

    The screen issues are interesting - i really feel for those effected, so far been lucky - either that or going blind with old age.

    The overall feel of the ally machine is excellent -so sturdy. It never gets hot, has not crashed, and feels like my data is secure - now only if i could work out the time/Dr who back up thingy- well will skirt through this forum for that answer

    Overall i believe i am part of the target market apple is pitching for- fed up with Vista - not really a power users - internet, videos , some dvd burning, skype (and now ichat), basic word processing/spreads etc. Want something that just works- does not have to be the best - just reliable and easy to use.

    Installed - yahoo messenger, skype, open office 3 (love it - reminds me of microsoft 10 years ago - simple layout, seems really stable), firefox 3 (for the occasions have had non compatible sites for safari), handbrake and xmind - (students take a look at this - a mind mapping program -free, very nice)

    Oh and as i type in the coffee shop - about 1/2 the machines here are mac - thats a big change from 2 years ago when maybe it was one in 10. And a lot of people have come up and looked at the machine - interestingly no one has asked about speed - its all about reliability, crashes and the sturdy case. Target market - i think they have it about right - once the usual first generation teething problems are over. Several are new converts due to the iphones they are carrying - do not under estimate how much they feel at home with the multi-gestures that they have kind of started to get used to with their iphones, also heard comments from a few that the change in experience in surfing the web etc with their iphone has been worth the money, and has made them thought maybe a change to macbook is also worth it. Critical mass in the midrange lapbook market is happening here.

    Oh and no-one, and i mean no-one has asked the price! People seem to accept Apples position in the market place.

    I dont think apple cares about the true gamer- power house user/modifier - and i dont blame them - the potential market for the average Joe is big enough. Yeah it is expensive - but what I have learnt in the last 12 months is the bottom end windows machines are now garbage - you need to spend at least $900 to get something in the mac reliability range

    And personally 4gb windows = 2gb mac for usability, vista has really poisoned my mind, worried that 2gb not enough - then caught myself and reminded that the XP machine i used to have, before it reached critical mass and 3 mile on me, worked well with 512mb).

    AND SO THE BIG ISSUE IS - is the $400 premium for mac worth it (and yes i know a lot will argue if the equivalent specs etc then its a lot less - but remember the target market we look at usability/function/form not equivalent specs)

    Well how do you value
    1) time saved on crashes, viruses (my god have had problems with those - welcome to shared documents at college), and document retrieval

    2) the fun of using os- strange but actually forgot how pleasant the user experience is on a mac compared to vista, everything from the selecting of program to use with finger swipes to the scrolling with fingers - 1 finger, 2 finger, 3 finger and so on - getting the hang of this now, but making using my friends windows impossible (sneaky apple - its like having a auto then trying to drive stick) - even the simple function of installing a program - it feels like a friend rather than a combat of wits

    3) and did i mention it seems to load, boot and run everything real fast, no strange little thinking icon - well may be a technicolor beachball has appeared once or twice- but so rare its a novelty when it does

    3) and finally the staff at the macstore - surprised me how they really wanted to genuinely help and no question seems to be too stupid for them - they must really load up on the prozac in the mornings

    Is the premium on a Toyota/Honda worth it - initially expensive, less discount on sticker, but high resale value, not really sexy but dependable. sound familiar? Really the Toyota driver is Apple target market. And maybe the Lexus for the Pro-book, again two brands for one manufacturer at different price/perceived feature price points

    Now if only ATT will sort out the teathering issues

    ps - for all of you discussing the right case - i refuse to spend $40 on a sleeve that costs $3 in asia - go to ups and spend $2 of a poly bubble mailer envelope (wipeable plastic - and bubble you got to love it)- works excellent. Was going to splurge on the $3 holiday wrapped bubble envelope but does not quite fit - shame really liked the penguins with the bobble hats and snowballs
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    Seems like you're REALLLYYYYYYYYY excited about your new macbook...
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