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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by NHL DUDE 120, Oct 31, 2013.

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    May 17, 2013
    I know this type of thread has been made a billion times, But I'm having alot of trouble deciding what type of macbook to get and im currently looking for advice on what macbook to get, this would be my first Macbook and i'd like to keep for 3-5 years. My criteria is

    -Decent Battery Life (my labtop battery
    - A good amount of storage ( Don't really like external storage), currently my estimated storage is 91 GB, it will probably be more depending on what happens. Currently apple has a refurb macbook retina from last year with 128GB SSD 1099.
    - What amount of RAM should i get.
    - I don't bother with Photo editing or video editing and any of that stuff.
    - I'm open to refurbished units but only from Apple online.
    - Decent display, but as long as its 720p I'm good.
    - *Can Handle the Sims 3.
    - Will be getting Applecare, would like to have it cost max $1500.

    As for the Macbooks without an optical drive is their a way to play the sims 3 legally.
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    Mar 8, 2012
    If your estimated storage is 128, and you despise external storage and see yourself growing it every so (like most of us do), then I can see you filling up that 128 GB HD pretty quick, specially with your idea of "3-5 years".

    The good thing is that you don't require too much taxation of the CPU nor the GPU (in-die or discrete). The Sims 3 should run well on most current hardware, but probably something like the MacBook Air won't run it decently at high settings (specially because of that hideous Intel HD4000), so you should look at something that has a discrete GPU, I don't know the specs for that refurbished MBP you mention.
    At minimum I'd say an HD5000 is a must if you intend to keep this long, but stretching the budget to grab a configuration with a discrete GPU would be great for future-proof.
    8 GB is more than enough for your use but 16 would keep it safe. i5 is fine but i7 and the highest config you can grab would be great.
    And perhaps 256 GB SSD would be a nice goal, since the 128 GB could not suffice soon.

    Your best bet is to check youtube videos of people running Sims 3 on OS X with a MBP then see for yourself what is the sweet spot.

    And if you keep your expectations low, then a last year's retina should be enough, but also keep in mind unless you stay on an old OS X version every new one will set the bar a bit higher, and that's just technology.

    When one usually wants to buy a future-proof system, the higher you can get, the better as you'll need it down the line. In your case you need to also consider that the Sims 4 will come down the road (next year I think?) so what can run the Sims 3 now (isn't it like a 2008 or 2009 game?) could choke a bit on Sims 4, so the higher the specs the better.

    For instance this one (I assume cheaper on Apple, but online store is "closed" right now), should be enough, but I personally don't fancy the i5 for future-proof and the 8 GB of RAM.

    I have no idea what's the packaging for the Sims 3 on OS X but assuming you can get ahold of disks, and if so then you can always get an external DVD/Bluray unit (advice, don't get Apple's overpriced one, a Samsung external drive will suffice).

    I have no idea about Applecare as I usually order stuff from the US and if they arrive broken or something down here, then "bad for me", but that's never happened so far, thankfully. So I don't know how that warranty plan would affect price.

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